Robotics/Machine Design Engineer

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This is a great opportunity for the experienced engineer with solid experience in developing automated processes in the manufacture of a wide variety of parts and products.
Job functions include:
Evaluate and/or determine manufacturing requirements for the automation and production of specialized parts taking into account volume, quality and cost.

Develop concepts, design, build and place into manufacturing plants equipment to meet manufacturing and design engineering constraints.

Document work via appropriate drawings and other written information.

Directs investigations into manufacturing equipment and tooling design issues to improve current processes or support new product production.

Test, troubleshoot, debug and place into manufacturing custom equipment.

Develop equipment justifications based upon part cost, volume and potential savings.
Integrate robots to operate with both PLCs and CNC Machines.

Program and support robot systems both during machine development and in the plant environment.
8+ years experience with industrial robot and machine design
8+ years experience with PLC programming
Experience in evaluating and determining areas for robotic processes
Experience with complex robotic processes
U.S. Citizen or U.S. permanent resident

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